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Earth & Space Science 6
    Semester Course
    Grade 6
    This course focuses on three core ideas of Earth and Space Science: Earth’s Place in the Universe, Earth’s Systems, and Earth and Human
    Activity. In this course, students will be encouraged to make inquiries regarding Earth and Space Science and relate them to the world around
    them. Some areas of study include geologic processes, human impact on the environment, the composition of Earth’s core, objects of the solar
    system, and changes in human population based on Earth’s systems. Students will utilize laboratory experiments and inquiry activities to
    deepen their understanding of the concept.

    Social Studies 6
    Semester Course
    Grade 6
    This class provides constant opportunities for student to explore prior knowledge and opinions as the focus on the history of the United States
    from the Industrial Revolution to the present. An emphasis is placed on economic, geographic, and historic changes that have influenced every
    aspect of life during historical events, such as the rise of the United States as an industrial nation, World War I and II, the Great Depression,
    and the Cold War. Students will experience cooperative learning, large and small group discussions, hands-on activities, and they will be
    exposed to primary sources, as they learn about the reorganization of national boundaries and the movement of the United States into the role
    of world leader.

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