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                   Subject                             Requirements                              Credits

               English Language                     English 9, 10, 11, and 12                        4
                     Arts                     or any CTE/AP/IB equivalent courses.

                                             Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra II/Trig
                                                 or Algebra II, or their equivalent.
                                         Additional course(s) to complete the four credits in
                                     mathematics must be chosen from the Alabama Course of
                                        Study: Mathematics or CTE/AP/IB equivalent courses

                                       Biology and a Physical Science (i.e. Physical Science,
                                                      Chemistry, Physics)

                    Science         The third and fourth science credits may be used to meet both    4
                                      the science and the CTE course requirement and must be
                                       chosen from the Alabama Course of Study: Science or
                                                 CTE/AP/IB equivalent courses.

                                     World History, US History x2, and Government/Economics
                 Social Studies                                                                      4
                                                   or AP/IB equivalent courses
                                                     LIFE (Personal Fitness)
               Physical Education                                                                    1
                                     One JROTC course may be used to meet this requirement.
                                                        Health Education
                Health Education                                                                    0.5
                                                or Foundations of Health Science

                                    Career Preparedness Course (to include topics of Career and
                    Career         Academic Planning, Computer Applications, Financial Literacy)     1
                 Preparedness                                 or                                 0.5 + 0.5
                                        Career Preparedness A and Career Preparedness B

               CTE and/or World        Students choosing CTE*, Arts education, and/or World
                Language and/or         language are encouraged to complete two courses in           3
                 Arts Education                            sequence.

                   Electives             State Requirement (Madison City Requirements)            2.5 (4.5)

                                       Total Credits Required for Graduation (Madison City)       24 (26)
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