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Options Open is a Madison City Schools initiative designed to provide more flexibility for students. These opportunities will
      allow students to build a unique schedule that matches their unique needs. The following are non-traditional class times offered
      through Options Open:
                         Course                          Meeting Times
                    Zero Block        7:10am -8:00am
                    Fifth Block       3:45pm – 5:00pm
                    Online            Virtual Learning; max of 3 face-to-face meetings
                    Blended           Mixture of face-to-face and online meetings
      More information and registration materials pertaining to Options Open courses can be found in the registration packets and


      Only deficiencies will be reason for a schedule change. Once classes are balanced and sections are established, it is most
      difficult  to  make  a change  without  affecting  the  overall  balance  of  teachers  and  class  counts.    For  students  who  are  not
      successful during the regular school year and must repeat a class, summer school is suggested.  You may also have the option
      to participate in credit recovery.

      Schedule “Changes” vs. Schedule “Corrections”
      To provide the greatest probability for students to receive requested courses, a two week window was provided and then
      deadline given to make schedule "changes".  From there the master schedule was constructed and even teachers hired to
      best ensure that what was requested would be received.  Knowing that not every course request can be honored due to
      conflicts in the student's schedule, the above procedure does provide the greatest potential for requests to be honored.
      Therefore, at this time only schedule "corrections" will be made and only when approved by administration under the
      following  criteria:  duplication  of  courses,  courses  are  out  of  sequence,  or  Sports  PE/Band  to  be  entered  due  to

      Partial Completion
      Students will only earn credit for the total duration of a course.  No credit will be given for partial completion.

      Transfer Students
      Students who transfer to Madison City Schools must complete all state mandated minimum graduation requirements and any
      additional  local  graduation  requirements.    For  mid-year  or  mid-semester transfer students from  non-block  scheduled  high
      schools, credits earned or coursework completed shall be correlated to the block-scheduled courses.

      Transfer Grades
      Letter grades transferred from previous schools will be placed on Madison City Schools’ Grade Point Average (GPA) scale
      using the following guide:
         •   Give weight to incoming Advanced Placement (or International Baccalaureate), and Dual Enrollment courses based
             upon the MCS weighted grading scale.
         •   Give weight only to Honors/PreAP courses that are recognized as such by Madison City Schools since the Honors
             level is not nationally standardized.
         •   Give MCS weight to Advanced Placement (or International Baccalaureate) courses even if the previous school did not
             weight AP since AP is a nationally standardized curriculum.

      Early Completion
      Students may complete required coursework early from Madison City Schools by meeting all requirements for an Alabama
      High School Diploma as described in the Alabama Administrative Code 290-030-010-.6 (11) and meeting the requirements of
      School Board Policy File: IHFB. Graduation is official and diploma awarded at the end of the regular school year.  See a
      counselor for details.
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