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      Graduation Cohort    The student’s graduation year

      Block Schedule       Schedule based on approximately four ninety-six minute class periods per day.
      Credit               A unit of academic work (Carnegie Unit) requiring 140 hours of instruction.
      Fall Semester        The first and second nine-week terms of the school year (18 weeks). Students will take and can earn
                           four credits.

      Spring Semester      The third and fourth nine-week terms of the school year (18 weeks). Students will take four new
                           courses beginning in January and can earn four credits.

      Course               A unit of instruction.
      Core Courses         Those courses required for graduation as identified by the Alabama Administrative Code. (English,
                           Math, Science, and Social Science)

      Corequisite          A course of study required to be taken simultaneously with another.

      Prerequisite         A course of study that must be “passed” to move forward in a sequence of courses.

      Teacher Approval     Approval required when there is a definite screening process (i.e. audition or

      Online Course        Online learning, sometimes referred to as e-learning, is a form of distance education. Online courses
                           are delivered over the Internet and can be accessed from a computer with a Web browser (ex. Internet

      Zero Block           Courses offered during a zero block will occur before the official school day begins.

      Fifth Block          Courses offered during a fifth block will occur after the official school day ends.

      Course Selection
      Complete your registration form and obtain any necessary signatures. This form will be kept in your student portfolio for
      future reference during your time as a student in Madison City Schools.  Students planning to attend college are encouraged
      to contact several colleges in which they are interested to determine the academic requirements for admission.  This should
      be done early and reviewed each year.

      Points of Academic Interest
      Curriculum consists of core courses which are required in order to move forward to advanced academic studies or additional
      electives.  Elective courses offered in each department allow students’ enrollment into courses that are interesting to them.
      A good background can be achieved for each student, whether they plan to enroll in a two or four year college or enter the
      workforce following graduation.

      Advanced Placement (AP)
      Advanced Placement courses are accelerated in rigor and pace. Advanced Placement (AP) allows students to complete
      college level studies while in high school.

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