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Madison City Schools

      Empowering students for global success.

      Madison  City  Schools  (MCS),  with  effective  leadership  and  community  cooperation,  will  provide  all  students  a  nurturing
      environment, an uncompromising excellence in instruction, a relevant and rigorous curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities so
      that they can achieve their fullest potential, strive toward global learning, compete globally in the work force and contribute
      positively to society.

      The  Semester  Block  Schedule  is  based  on  four  approximately  ninety-six  minute  classes  per  day.  A  student  will take four
      courses in the fall and four different courses in the spring.  With the start of the 2015-2016 school year, students will have the
      opportunity to take courses outside of the traditional school day.  Madison City is piloting online courses and a zero and fifth
      block course that will provide more opportunities for our students and add an element of flexibility to their schedules.  While we
      are now in our second year of the pilot, course options will be limited.

      Generally students are scheduled for courses so that at least two academic required core courses are taken each semester.
      Additional electives or additional core courses may complete the remaining blocks in the schedule each semester. Teachers
      will begin teaching on the first day; therefore, it is extremely important for students to come prepared for class on the first day
      of each semester.  Students will have fewer courses at a time but should be prepared to concentrate more on the courses and
      use time wisely. Students planning to apply to select colleges may want to incorporate more than two core subjects each
      semester. Please see the College Advisor if you have questions.

      After you have studied the requirements for your graduating class, the curriculum, and course descriptions, you will be ready
      to make decisions for your individual class schedule. At the end of this catalog, you will find Course Request Forms by Cohort
      Group for your upcoming year at Bob Jones and James Clemens. As you will see in the curriculum selections, courses are
      nine or eighteen weeks long. As you practice filling in the blocks to establish your schedule, keep in mind the length of time for
      each course. How you fill in the blocks and register for classes does not guarantee that you will have those classes at any
      specific time, only that you will have the class or an alternate selection. Be sure that you have requested 8 full credits of study
      and all alternative courses.
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