Board Meeting Notes

February 22, 2007


Mrs. Sue Helms, President, called the meeting of the Madison City Board of Education to order at 5:00 P.M. in the board room at the Teacher Resource Center and Central Office. Mrs. Helms also welcomed Mr. Michael Weaver, Executive Director of Finance and Business, back from his military tour.


Mr. Bobby Jackson, school system athletics director, presented a certificate, on behalf of the Board to Mr. Michael Gunner, swim team coach. 


Mr. Gunner was named Alabama State Swimming Coach of the Year by the Alabama High School Athletics Association.


Mr. Bobby Jackson also presented certificates, on behalf of the Board, to Bob Jones High School Varsity Cheerleaders and their coach. The cheerleaders were named National Cheerleading Champions at a national competition in Orlando, Florida.


Dr. Anne Davidson, ACCESS Specialist, presented information to the Board and public on the ACCESS program. Dr. Davidson mentioned that Madison City Schools is one of three support centers in the state for the program. 


Mrs. Marty Tatara, Child Nutrition Coordinator, presented certificates, on behalf of the Board, to the Child Nutrition staff at Columbia Elementary School. The staff received a commendation from the Alabama State Department of Education during monitoring for food preparation, storage and the cleanliness of their facility.


Mrs. Tatara also presented information to the Board and public on Pay-Pams, a new online payment process for parents to pay money to their child’s lunch account. 

The Board approved minutes from the meeting held on February 1, 2007. The Board also approved updated 2007-2008 course offerings and course descriptors for Bob Jones High School; the low responsible/responsive Bid #2007-02, for Bob Jones High School Bleachers from Cheaha Construction; the low responsive/responsible Bid #2007-02, HVAC Control Maintenance from MJ Automation; the low responsive/responsible Bid #2007-03, Dishwashing supplies and service re-bid from Alabama Food Service; the low responsive/responsible Bid #2007-10, plumbing renovations at Madison Elementary School from Nelson Construction; the low responsive/responsible Bid #2007-11, Renovations to the Liberty Middle School office area and Discovery Middle School corridor enclosure from Nelson Construction; Resolution 07-02, to authorize a funding agreement with the City of Madison; January 2007 financial statements; Budget Amendment #1; and personnel actions.

Dr. Fowler announced that the system will advertise for a Director of Secondary Instruction and a secretary for the maintenance and custodial supervisors. Dr. Fowler also stated that the Board and central office staff met with local legislators to discuss various issues that pertain to the school district.

Mrs. Helms announced that the AASB District Nine meeting will be held on February 27, 2007, at 6:30 P.M. in Albertville, Alabama. She also announced that she will be attending a 100 District Leaders conference in New Orleans, Louisiana next week.

The next meeting was scheduled for March 15, 2007, at 5:00 P.M. in the board room at the central office.