Board Meeting Notes

November 1, 2006

Mrs. Sue Helms, president, called the meeting of the Madison City Board of Education to order at 5:00 P.M. in the board room at the Teacher Resource Center and Central Office.

Dr. Clara Toney, Resource Specialist for the Instruction Department, and 
Mrs. Sue Helms presented saving bonds to elementary and middle school students who won first and second place in the Red Ribbon Week Poster Contest. Winning posters were displayed on the walls of the board room.

The Board approved minutes from the meeting held on October 5, 2006. The Board also approved a baseball camp sponsored by Bob Jones High School, a Greenway Trail and Corridor Easement Deed to the City of Madison, a Parking Area Use and Indemnity Agreement with Crosspointe Church, Change Order #3 for roof repairs and modifications to Discovery Middle, Horizon Elementary, Madison Elementary, and West Madison Elementary Schools, and personnel actions.

Mrs. Sue Helms introduced Dr. Bernard Hatch, representative with BWP Associates search firm, to read the names of the six candidates that will interview for the position of superintendent. He received twenty-eight applications from thirteen states. Dr. Hatch and three other partners reviewed the applications and presented six candidates for the Board to interview for superintendent. Dr. Hatch announced the following six names and read a brief biography for each person:

Dr. Mark Edwards
Dr. Dale Dobbs
Dr. Harold Dodge
Dr. Dee Fowler
Dr. John Jackson
Dr. Joan Kowal

Mrs. Helms stated that she would be calling each candidate to set up an interview and those dates would be announced to the public.