Board Meeting Notes

June 15, 2006

Mrs. Sue Helms, president, called the meeting of the Madison City Board of Education to order at 5:10 P.M. in the board room at the Teacher Resource Center and Central Office.

Ms. Maria Kilgore, Director of Special Education, presented and discussed information with the Board and public concerning staffing and other needs for the special education pre-kindergarten students.

Mrs. Kathy Rains, Director of Technology, presented the 2005-2006 school incident report (SIR) to the Board and public. Mrs. Rains stated that despite an increase in the student population, student discipline incidents decreased in 2005-2006.

Dr. Nowlin stated that he is addressing security in the central office. He has suggested that certain office areas be locked when employees leave for the end of the work day.

The Board approved minutes from the meeting held on June 8, 2006. The Board also approved personnel actions.