Board Meeting Notes

May 18, 2006


Mrs. Sue Helms, president, called the meeting of the Madison City Board of Education to order at 6:00 P.M. in the board room at the Teacher Resource Center and Central Office. 


Dr. Julie Finley, assistant principal of Bob Jones High School, announced that the Girls Tennis Team won the Bob Jones High School Renaissance Reward for the spring semester. The Renaissance Reward is awarded to the team with the highest grade point average each semester. Dr. Finley presented the team with a banner that will be displayed in the entrance way at Bob Jones High School.


Mrs. Mary Long, Director of Instruction, introduced Mrs. Melissa Hughey, art teacher at Bob Jones High School. Mrs. Hughey, along with other art teachers in the school system, presented certificates and displayed art work of students that participated in the State Superintendent’s Art Show. Mrs. Hughey also announced art scholarships won by Bob Jones High School students.


Mrs. Theresia Mullen, interim principal of Horizon Elementary School, introduced Mrs. Bero, teacher at Horizon. Mrs. Bero presented a certificate, on behalf of the Board, to the Horizon Elementary Chess team for winning first place at the state competition.


Mrs. Mullen also presented a certificate, on behalf of the Board, to a Horizon student who won the National Wild Planet Toy Kid Inventor Contest. The student was one of one hundred students in the nation to win the competition. As a winner, the student will test toys for the toy company for the next year.


Mrs. Sharon Willis, principal of Discovery Middle School, presented a certificate, on behalf of the Board, to a student at Discovery for winning the Huntsville Literary Association Young Authors Contest. This was the second year the student won this contest.


Mrs. Robin Dauma, teacher at Discovery Middle School, introduced and presented certificates, on behalf of the Board, to students who won first place at an Alabama Council for Technology Education Competition.


Mrs. Sally Bruer, principal of Liberty Middle School, introduced and presented a certificate, on behalf of the Board, to Mrs. Mary Hand, teacher at Liberty Middle School, for winning the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math. 


Ms. Maria Kilgore, Director of Special Education, introduced a representative from the Knights of Columbus, Mr. Jason Estes. Mr. Estes announced that all Madison City schools would be receiving checks in the amount of $480 for their special education programs. The funds were obtained through their annual Tootsie Roll Drive. The next drive will be held on October 21 – 22, 2006.


Dr. Lydia Davenport, principal at Heritage Elementary School, announced that their Parent Teacher Association will be constructing a $20,000 pavilion at the school. Dr. Davenport also presented pictures of the pavilion model to the Board.


Mrs. Mullen and Horizon Elementary School Building Leadership team presented goals and objectives for the team to the Board and public.


Mrs. Kathy Rains, Director of Technology, presented a twenty-seven week grading period report to the Board. The report explains the progress from the one quarter to present for students considered to be at-risk at each school.


Dr. Clark asked for nominations for the office of president of the Board. Mr. Jim Sturdivant nominated Mrs. Sue Helms as president. Mrs. Helms asked for nominations for the office of vice president of the Board. Mr. Jim Sturdivant nominated Dr. Shelia Nash-Stevenson for the office of vice president. Both nominations were approved.


Mrs. Sue Helms asked the Board to discuss their thoughts as to how they should pursue filing the position of superintendent. Mrs. Julie Mills recommended that the Board be authorized to contact retired superintendents for the intent of serving as acting superintendent until a permanent superintendent is hired by the Board.


The Board approved minutes from the meetings held on April 20, 2006, and April 28, 2006, a science textbook adoption list for grades kindergarten – ninth, renew the current copier bid from N & L, and personnel actions.


The superintendent presented Policy JAJ: Student Code of Conduct for a first reading.