Board Meeting Notes


January 12, 2006

Mrs. Sue Helms, President, called the meeting of the Madison City Board of Education to order at 5:00 P.M. in the boardroom at the Teacher Resource Center and Central Office.

The Superintendent and staff briefed the Board and public on the status of his 2005-2006 goals. Staff from Heritage and Madison Elementary Schools presented School Improvement Plans and strategies to assist At-Risk students in their schools.

Mrs. Kathy Rains, Director of Technology, presented information to the Board and public concerning a Four-Period day schedule. Her committee found that their data collected was inconclusive to recommend one schedule type. Additionally, the committee determined that schedules should meet the needs of the community.

Mrs. Sue Helms thanked each board member for their service to the Madison City Schools. She also presented each member with a certificate and gift from the Alabama Association of School Boards for School Board Appreciation Month.

Dr. Clark recognized Mrs. Kathy Rains for attending and being a speaker at the Alabama State Department of Education Board Meeting. Mrs. Rains, President of the Educational Technology Association, also received a resolution for Technology Impact in Education Week in Alabama.

Mrs. Sue Helms traveled to Washington D.C. to present information concerning the Madison City Schools to families that may be relocating to the Tennessee Valley due to the Base Realignment and Closure Act.

The Board approved minutes from the meeting held on December 15, 2005. The Board also approved budget amendment #1 for fiscal year October 1, 2005 September 30, 2006 and personnel actions.
A board work session will be held on January 26, 2006. The next board meeting was scheduled for February 2, 2006.